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Zach Mercurio Speaking
Zach imagines a society, economy, and world in which every person, leader, and organization is inspired by and built upon an awakened sense of authentic purpose.
His work and research focuses on the role of authentic purpose and meaningful work to transform people and organizations.
With diverse experience in advertising sales, organizational development consulting in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors, and higher education administration, he has had the opportunity to work with leaders to build purpose-aligned teams and organizations that drive results and better the world. He also has a passion for the education of our future leaders to be purpose-inspired and works with K-12 and higher education curricula and student development.
Zach is currently completing his Ph.D. in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change from Colorado State University in Fort Collins, Colorado. He teaches courses on purposeful leadership, organizational behavior, planning and implementing organizational development interventions, and workforce development. As a scholar-practitioner, Zach believes in evidence-based practices and brings a systematic research lens to every project he works on.
His research has been featured in the Human Resource Development Review and at the Academy of Human Resource Development International Research Conference.
He is a co-founder of the Foundation for Purposeful Organizations, a non-profit that promotes and supports Purposeful Behavior as an effective style of management for building lasting organizations that matter.
Zach is also a regular contributor for The Huffington Post.
He speaks across the country on living, leading, and working with authentic purpose.
Zach lives in Fort Collins with his wife, son, and two adopted dogs and loves cycling.

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